O. Carl Simonton M. D. in his book "Getting Well Again" found that those who participated in their health with positive expectancy by setting new life goals gave meaning, purpose, and a positive direction to their lives. They were the ones who were “around longer” because they made “life worth living by investing themselves in something significant to live for.” Meditation and imagery was a vital part of his work.

O. Carl Simonton M. D. in his book "The healing Journey" he said, “I have been working with a physical/mental/spiritual approach to cancer since 1971. I have treated thousands of patients, and my patients have a relative high rate of recovery, even from so-called “terminal” illnesses. I know that each patient has his or her own struggles in life, but I also know that facing whatever issues life presents makes a difference in getting well."

Hypnotherapy is the cancer treatment option that works:

It is believed that your Immune System along with the Endocrine System has destroyed millions and millions of cancer cells through out your life. Dr. Holmes and Dr. Rahe's research has shown: that many cancer patients that have been diagnosed with cancer; have experienced a significant stressful event such as a divorce, death of a spouse or loved one, loss of a job or career, financial loss or bankruptcy, or multiple stressful events six months to two years prior to their diagnosis of cancer. While patients search for various cancer treatment options it is most likely the immune system that has been stressed and compromised.

It only makes sense that the immune system could play a big part in your healing process. That being said this has been the focus of my studies the last three years.

My findings clearly show that cancer can be defeated. That is a very bold statement. Now I know that the doubt in your mind just hardened, your shields just closed around you like on the Star Trek Enterprise and your wondering what planet did I come from. It is true and here is my proof. 

With over forty-five years in research and clinical psychology, Lawrence LeShan Ph.D. considered "the father of mind-body therapy" in his book "Cancer as a Turning Point" clearly states page 21, that "ever since I learned how to use this approach some twenty years ago, approximately half of my "hopeless," "terminal" patients have gone into long-term remission and are still alive. Page 25, his research indicates that "yes one can strengthen the cancer-defense mechanism, raise the effectiveness of the immune system, after a cancer has appeared." There are no guarantees in life many have died but many are still alive.  

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Cancer Treatment Options

Bernie Siegel M. D. in his book Love, Medicine and Miracles says, page 147, that "among many psychological techniques applied to physical illness, the most widely used and successful has been the one called imaging and visualization....I will discuss relaxation, hypnosis, meditation, and visualization separately, but they are really all part of one process, as you will understand when practicing them. Bernie pointed out that "Anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss had noted that much of folk medicine throughout the world is based on "psychological manipulation of the sick organ" by means of an extremely vivid image brought into the mind while the patient is in a deep trance. Carl and Stephanie Simonton adopted similar techniques learned from Silvia Mind Control" (which is Hypnosis).

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I have found that many authors writing books today such as Ian Gawler in "You can Conquer Cancer" refer back to these three pioneering doctors LeShan Ph.D., Simonton M. D., and Siegel M. D.. They all saw amazing results working with many hopeless and terminally ill cancer patients by using a mind-body approach. The modern day terminology is psychoneuroimmunology. This is the approach I use because it works.


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