Hi! My name is

Michael  Hopkins,

I am a Wellness Consultant and Coach


What is the # 1 cause of cancer? ...Stress.

What is the # 1 cause of dying from cancer? ...Hopelessness.

After your diagnosis that you have cancer (heart, liver, or kidney disease) and following your doctors advice you might wonder: "What else can I do?" or "Why me?"

Frankly, there are a lot of things that you can do for example nutrition and exercise is very important and developing coping mechanisms to resolve the stressful issues in your life. The mind-body connection is the area most overlooked because it is least understood but yet probably the most important. Let's talk about how we can get your immune system back destroying cancer cells at its optimum. It starts with a simple phone call and the call is free. 563-564-1434

I will digress a little further.

First, I am not selling anything but I am providing information which is free. Occasionally, I charge for services rendered such as consulting, coaching, guided imagery, visualization, guided mindful meditation and hypnotherapy but generally these integrative modalities are interrelated.

I am not promoting any supplements, vitamins, herbs, diets, nutrition, or exercise programs. I believe, all the above plus acupuncture, reiki, qi gong, tia chi, yoga, message, prayer, etc., that all these holistic methods serve a purpose.

Personally, my focus is on the mind-body approach because I am convinced it works. It is what I have trained in and because their are many studies and evidence to support the fact that it works. The real question is simple, do you believe it works? If your answer is yes you should call me for an appointment. 563-564-1434 If your answer is no it is because doubt stands in your way. So for that reason you should come in to be tested and convinced that you can be hypnotized. I like to say it this way:

Talk to me and I may disagree

Explain to me and I may understand

Convince me and I may believe

Hypnotize me and I may change my life


                                          Michael Hopkins, CH